Kimono ArtーLiving with Kimonoー

Wa-Dakara Kimono Art is a renaissance of Kimono culture. The world's first Tatami-Komi processing.

ーLiving with Kimonoー

We share the passion for Kimono and the Spirit of Japan. Our objective is to preserve "Japanese Traditional Treasure" by providing an informed insight into the beauty of "Kimono Art".
Wa-Dakara "Kimono Art" demonstrates the key design area of the Kimono and does so without dismantling, cutting or damaging the precious Kimono.
The entire Kimono is thereby preserved within the "Tatami-Komi" system for the purpose of keeping the Kimono in its original form.
You can now enjoy and share the beauty of the Kimono and the Spirit of Japan as an Artful presentation in the reception or living area of your home or office.
Each piece is individually selected, of museum quality and carries registered certificate of authenticity. All Items are made in Japan.

ーLiving with Kimonoー ーLiving with Kimonoー

ーLiving with Kimonoー ーLiving with Kimonoー

About products

We will recreate your memorable Kimono as art items for you. No damage, no cutting, no dismantling. We are proposing innovative methods of preserving kimonos that not only can enjoy kimonos in daily living space but also preserving them.

  • Case1

    Case1 Case1

    Men's Kimono (Jyuban): It shows the design of the back area. The lower part of back and sleeves of the front body are folded in the backspace.

  • Case2

    Case2 Case2

    Women's Kimono (Tomesode): It shows the design of the front half of the lower half (upper front). Back body and front body (lower front) and sleeves and upper body part are folded in the backspace.

※Wrinkles of framed kimonos can be reduced after removing frame.

About Wa-Dakara "Kimono Art"

Wa-Dakara Kimono Art is unique system for reproducing way of Kimono without any damage, without dismantling, cutting. By framing Kimono, that is, "By framing effect", it had completely disappeared image of Kimono as wearing, and then the design and pattern, weaving of Kimono become a breathtaking beautiful art.
Frame and special acrylic transparent sheet is protecting Kimono to get damage by dust and UV light. So you can put it out again from the forehead and wear it again.
* It can be removed the wrinkles of Kimono with a steam iron.

About Wa-Dakara Kimono Art About Wa-Dakara Kimono Art

About Wa-Dakara Kimono Art About Wa-Dakara Kimono Art

Kimono Culture for future generations

Wa-Dakara "Kimono Art" is an innovative idea that discovered new possibilities of kimono in order to connect kimono, a traditional Japanese culture that lasted more than 1,000 years, to future generations.
There is lot of things involving Kimono and also a lot of processes. Master craftsmen who make graphics design, drawing sketches, colorize or dyed the ground, create tools, people who transports and sells, sew Kimono, make tool for kimono process, and so on. Silk is from cocoon, Pigment from plants and minerals, and finally we are wearing it.
There is a piece of kimono has full of countless technology and passions, memories and feeling. The countless thoughts live in that.
Wa-Dakara feels strongly that it is important to leave the feelings and intellectual property of people involved in such kimonos to posterity as it is. We think the kimono art is a wonderful means to inherit valuable kimono from parents to children and next generations.

Example of size of framed kimonos

It will accept processing for your precious Kimono to be Wa-Dakara "Kimono Art" You can select the size and design according to the atmosphere of your interior.

Example of size of framed kimonos